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You have several opportunities to get in touch with us. Call customer service at +4631-89 13 00 or send a mail to

Hans Algeskog
EN translation unavailable for Erik Moralo Heed.
EN translation unavailable for Amy Mahjoub.
EN translation unavailable for Kristin Nygård Jensen.
Mikael Karlsson
CIO/HR Manager
Henrik Johansson
Head of Marketing & Export
Andreas Viklund
Economy Manager
Jenny-Ann Höij
Private Brand Manager
Julia Ödman
Private Brand Purchaser
Therese Sohlman
Private Brand Coordinator
Patrik Koch
Art Director
Veronica Axelsson
Marketing Coordinator
Jessica Tigerberg
Research & Development
Jelena Keca
Labbassistent & QC
Anna-Karin Bernhardsson
Jonas Berglund
Production Manager
Christer Gundersen
Customer service/Sales support
Susan Eliasson
Sales- & customer coordinator
Josephine Eriksson
Indoor sales/Customer service
Gustaf Corneliusson
Warehouse Manager

Grazette of sweden

Customer service

+46 31 89 13 00
info [at]

Postal address

E A Rosengrens gata 9
421 31 Västra Frölunda

Visiting address

E A Rosengrens gata 9
421 31 Västra Frölunda


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