Basic is the new advance!
Develop your craft in colour and get an overall concept as a professional hairdresser. High quality colours according to the latest technology. Colour system based on basic colour theory.
An "all in one system".

Our educations

Start Up
A course where you get to learn the basics of how the colours are structured and how to work with the colours to create the best and most sustainable results.
Date & time:
19/4 2021 - kl. 15.00-18.00
3/5 2021 - kl. 15.00-18.00
7/6 2021 - kl. 09.00-12.00
Brush Up
For you who already work with Grazette's colour products and wants to deepen your knowledge and get coaching in how you can develop your skills as a colorist.
Date & time:
25/4 2021 - kl. 10.00-13.00
10/5 2021 - kl. 15.00-18.00
7/6 2021 - kl. 15.00-18.00
All training takes place live online in swedish and you book through your salesperson, if you don't have a salesperson and are curious? Contact info [at]
Courses and consulting
Most of our seminars and coarses are in swedish.
Please contact us for more information or advice about our salon products.