Grazette of Sweden only use well documented ingredients with the smartest solutions from both nature and science! Naturally, with the greatest consideration of a sustainable development for both people and planet.

As green as possible

  • Grazette has its own research and development. This means excellent control and unique formulations.
  • We aim for a minimalistic list of contents without any unnecessary or functionless additives. This creates honest products as well as ensures economy with nature’s resources.
  • None of our products are tested on animals! Animal testing is not allowed in the European Union for cosmetics, hygiene products and their ingredients.
  • With XL - As green as possible. Grazette introduced a whole new thinking in the business, with both quality AND sustainability in focus.
  • Green apples, sunflowers & argan oil are examples of natural ingredients in our products. 90–99 % of their contents are of natural origin.
  • Grazette encourage recycling and all our packagings are recycable.
  • We are members in KoHF – The Swedish Cosmetics, Detergents and Toiletries Association. Read more about KoHf