Add Some Colour

Hair colour

High performing and visionary palette for professional hair colourists! Updated Bio-mimicking technology with phytokeratin, delivers 100 % perfect coverage and convenient hair colours with long-lasting effect. The vegan phytokeratin mimics the hair’s own natural proteins, and penetrates deep into the cortex with repairing building blocks as well as protects the cuticle from free radicals due to its low molecular weight. This seals the high-quality pigments and allows this colour range to have a remarkable lowammonia content. The eco-friendly formula has 85–90 % natural origin and it is enriched with organic nourishing oils. You get endless opportunities to create customized colours in as broad and beautiful spectra as the Scandinavian nature itself!

  • Eco-friendly
  • Vegan
  • Swedish design & development
  • Inspired by nature
  • Sustainable concept
  • 100 % recycable