Procortexx Professional

A hair dream solution

The system is developed to prevent chemical damages during colouring/blonding/perming and to keep your hair healthy. ProCortexx generates new bonds in the hair and strengthens the existing bonds. The system prevents chemical damage and keeps your hair healthy.

Niosome Strengthening System is the innovative delivery system which allows the nutrients in the products to reach deep into the cortex, and gives an amazing impact on hair quality. Combined with a high heat protection operates ProCortexx both inside and outside the hair shaft, which increases the elasticity, strength and durability. The treatment makes your hair healthy, moisturized and easily detangable.

ProCortexx also works as an independent strengthening treatment and is available as a luxury at home treatment. Our most exclusive brand is complemented by a high performing shampoo and conditioner. The products give you an optimal repairing, nourishing and moisturizing hair care routine!