"We believe in beauty, in the beauty of all people. We believe in humanity and in our common power to change and improve. We want everyone to see their own beauty, to reach their full potential and experience well-being. If we can help with that, even just a little, we are proud. - You are beautiful."

Did you know that Grazette of Sweden is a Swedish beauty company with its own production in Sweden since 1974?

Everything from innovation of professional haircare and styling products to delivery of the finished product takes place within the company. All functions are under one roof, which means that all choices can be optimized, from packaging and raw materials to production and transport.

We are driven by humanistic values. We are Swedish know-how. Our history, innovation, curiosity and professionalism are our future.



Environment and sustainability

The whole chain takes place in Sweden, from innovation to delivery of the final product.  Our own chemists perform taylor-made formula art in Grazette of Sweden’s laboratory.

We only use well documented ingredients with the smartest solutions from both nature and science! Naturally, with the greatest consideration of a sustainable development for both people and planet.


Consumer Products